What I've Always Needed | Book One

What I've Always Needed | Book One

What I've Always Needed | Book One

Being a survivor of horrific domestic abuse, Evie Kline is afraid of men and the hurt that they bring into her life. But a love of writing and the frustration of something lacking from her novel lead her to an interview with the enigmatic billionaire Liam Duff. Liam Duff is known as the rich Playboy. He owns multiple businesses, including a Gothic nightclub in the heart of Las Vegas that hides his real passion underneath its dance floor. The club is an unnamed Members Only BDSM venue that serves only the richest and most elite clientele, with himself as the Headmaster. The attraction, at first sight, is overwhelming for both, eliciting desires and fears that live just beneath the surface, and the more that Evie runs from him, the more determined he is to show her that not all men are bad and that she needs to trust in herself and the feelings they have for each other. Will Evie be okay with Liam being the dominant master of a sex club? Will Liam be able to protect her from the danger following her? Will their budding Romance be able to survive their separate lives clashing together at a frenzied pace?

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